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Why do we need to track our lung health?

We breathe up to 10,000 litres of air everyday. This makes our lungs extremely susceptible to harmful particles in the air such as dust, viruses, pollution, etc.

What is X-halo?

We breathe up to 10,000 litres of air everyday. This makes our lungs extremely susceptible to harmful particles in the air such as dust, viruses, pollution, etc.

How does it detect lung inflammation?

It differs from a regular thermometer as it detects inflammation levels by measuring the temperature of the air in your lungs - also known as Exhaled Breath Temperature, or EBT.

A rise in breath temperature can indicate a lung infection that leads to symptoms like flu, cough, or pneumonia.

X-Halo Home

Who is it for?

Other than asthmatic and COPD patients, X-halo is also used to detect symptoms of lung inflammation which may indicate a more serious problem.

Why X-halo?

X-halo is clinically approved, patented and trusted by hospitals world wide. It is easy to use and gives results in 30 seconds.

The Technology

Developed and patented in 2006, this technology was only available to academic and clinical researchers until the launch of X-Halo home.

X-Halo Home

Clinically proven with 10 years of research and over 200 clinical studies done by over 100 leading hospitals

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This is a huge step forward, especially for severe asthmatics and COPD patients who - until now - had no easy way to get a quick airway Inflammation reading at home.

X-Halo Home

“Inflammation is a universal pathological reaction and is characterised among other things by increased heat production/higher temperature”

- Professor T. A. Popov Member and Distinguished Fellow of the American College of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology

What other users say...

X-Halo Home

“Now I know when to take action-“

“I remember days when I was always worried about my kid whether he is getting a lung-infection and if I should take him to the doctor, but thanks to X-halo, I can easily check it at home anytime now! and what’s more, I can even share the reading with his doc straight from home!

-Kathy Lim-Sheehy

X-Halo Home

I’m always worried about the air pollution and now by using X-halo I know when it’s affecting my children’s lungs. I can keep them at home or take them to the doctor.

-Peter, Christian’s Dad

My daughter struggles to breathe sometimes during the haze. The X-halo tells me when her lungs are inflamed so I can get medication.

-Geradine, Natalie’s Mum

3 simple steps

Use X-halo in 3 simple steps. Download the app and get a peace of mind with the easy-to-follow guided instructions.


X-Halo Home

Download the App and connect the device to your phone


X-Halo Home

Inhale through the nose and blow into the device in one deep breath.


X-Halo Home

Results are synced and stored across devices to allow easy tracking.

Get results in 30 seconds.

Your temperature is displayed and stored automatically on your phone for easy tracking of your temperature. It alerts you to take action.

X-Halo Home

X-halo Home

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  • Flow-unit
  • Nozzles x 2
  • Connector cable
  • AAA batteries x 2
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