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Introducing X-halo, the World's First Breath Thermometer

The x-halo will alert you to inflammation in your lungs by simply measuring your breath temperature. Patented and used by leading Hospitals world wide the x-halo is built on ten years of clinical research.





Why you need X-halo

We breathe up to 20,000 litres of air every day. Polluted air contains fine particles that can enter the lungs causing airway inflammation.

Children are most at risk because they spend more time outdoors and their lungs are still developing. Some common symptoms are wheezing, shortness of breath and difficulty in breathing.

When air pollution is high take your breath temperature with x-halo.


How To Use The Product



Step 1:

Download the App and connect the device to your phone


Step 2:

Inhale through the nose and blow into the device in one deep breath via a mouth piece.


Step 3:

Results will be shown on your phone and your data stored allowing you to track your temperature over time.


Benefits of X-halo


The world’s first
Breath Thermometer

A new and revolutionary way
to measure your temperature.
Increase in breath temperature
signals inflammation in the

Patented and
clinically proven

with 10 years of clinical research

Alerts You

to take action to protect
your family against
air pollution

Data Collection
and Storage

on your phone for easy
tracking of your